Yesterday, one of my four cats was diagnosed through the ELIZA test
with FeLV, and I am just devastated.  He's always
been healthy; he's 3 y.o. and I'd had him since he was a
kitten, until last year when he escaped while we were moving.
He was on the streets for almost four months, then FOUND,
and I've had him back since early December.  My other three
cats (two gotten after the original two disappeared, and one who was
found with him and looks like his original "sister" but
subsequently went into heat when she was fixed, so...) tested

Right now I have him in my bedroom, totally separate facilities,
and he's miserable.  I would really appreciate it if anyone had
any information about infection rates in negative cats living
with infected ones; if it's not safe, I'm going to have to find him a
home with other infected cats, because he's too social to be
isolated like that.


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