Sharyl, i haven't gotten that far--we will immunize them and let them
interact, I think, but it's been less than 24 hours since diagnosis
and we're still reeling.  I have to talk to the vet, still,and we may
try to keep them separate until the IRV? IRA?  results come back, or
even until after re-testing.  As Sally said to Jenny, though, there's
already been exposure, so I'm tempted to just immunize and mix.


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> Molly, have you vaccinated your three negative cats?  I have a mixed 
> household but my negative kitties were vaccinated.
> Sharyl
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>> Date: Thursday, February 26, 2009, 5:01 AM
>> Hello.
>> Yesterday, one of my four cats was diagnosed through the
>> ELIZA test
>> with FeLV, and I am just devastated.  He's always
>> been healthy; he's 3 y.o. and I'd had him since he
>> was a
>> kitten, until last year when he escaped while we were
>> moving.
>> He was on the streets for almost four months, then FOUND,
>> and I've had him back since early December.  My other
>> three
>> cats (two gotten after the original two disappeared, and
>> one who was
>> found with him and looks like his original
>> "sister" but
>> subsequently went into heat when she was fixed, so...)
>> tested
>> negative.
>> Right now I have him in my bedroom, totally separate
>> facilities,
>> and he's miserable.  I would really appreciate it if
>> anyone had
>> any information about infection rates in negative cats
>> living
>> with infected ones; if it's not safe, I'm going to
>> have to find him a
>> home with other infected cats, because he's too social
>> to be
>> isolated like that.
>> Thanks,
>> Molly

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