I belong to a cat forum on-line.  One of the members who is a well respected 
TNR person posted this the other day and I have not been able to stop thinking 
of this poor lady:

"There is a town south of tucson. Very poor and colorful characters live there. 
Its a dumping ground for people who abandon their companion cats and dogs. 
There is a woman who has worked with us to S/N the abandoned cats in her yard. 
She is devoted to these cats and feeds them and watches out for them.
Last year her husband developed pancreatic cancer and died. We found out 
yesterday she is going to loose her house and has been using her food stamps to 
buy cat food for her companion indoor cats. her beloved dog is having serious 
health problems and she doesnt have money to take him to a vet. These animals 
have helped her get thru her hard times.
Our group has been supplying her with food for the ferals but didnt know she 
didnt have money for her indoor animals. We are going to try to raise money to 
help her dog go to the vet and help her with food for her indoor cats." 

When I PM'd her asking how to help this poor woman this was her response:

"I work with Paws Patrol of Green Valley. We have a website with pay pal if 
that would be convenient to donate there. http://greenvalleypawspatrol.org/ Be 
sure and mention it is for Arlene. 
It made me sad all day thinking how awful it must be to face those things alone 
in your elderly years. I’m sure none of us picture our lives happening like 
that. Plus a lot of the older female generation are not self-sufficient women 
like we are today. I know my mom is always wanting a man to do chores and 
figure things out for her. (she is 84) when her daughters are perfectly capable 
of doing alot of the stuff!
Its just plain wrong when the elderly fall on hard times like this with no 
recourse. Medical bills bankrupt so many families. Please keep this woman in 
your prayers and thoughts. We are going to have to try to move her colony of 
cats because once she is gone they dont have a prayer to be looked after in 
this community. Her name is Arlene."

I am posting Arlenes story here with permission from the woman who posted it in 
our cat forum.  

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