Steven, how long has Sammy lived with all the others?

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> Hello everyone,
> My name is Steven with a long history of feline stewardship; will not say
> owner because who owns who is always in question! :) Sorry for a long
>  post.  I
> am confused and wanting to make sure I get the most efficient and  best
> treatment possible for a recent diagnosis:
> I have 6 felines in my household:
> Rosie-12 year old female brown tabby
> Samauri a/k/a Sammy- 9 year old male blonde tabby
> Olivander- 7 year old male Maine Coon
> Maggie- 3 year old female blonde and white tabby
> Squeaky-2 year old female tuxedo
> Fuzzy-2 year old male long haired tuxedo and brother of Squeaky
> My 9 year old Samauri just diagnosed yesterday with FELV and x-rays show
> moderate cancer mass in his chest cavity. His comprehensive blood work
> shows all
> is normal and in range so I am confused.  He eats, drinks, sleeps, plays
>  and
> behaves normally as he always has, would not know he was sick at all.   All
> other felines being tested on Monday 3/23 and Samauri is currently
> "quarantined" in 1 large bedroom and we are all not happy about this.  Is
>  the cancer
> which my vet says is of the lymphoma type caused by the FELV virus as  a
> "secondary disease" or is it possible the cancer is in addition to the FELV
>  positive
> status and the virus is not causing havoc yet?  Would the blood  work be
> "normal" or are "we" just lucky so far?  Samauri has been going to  the vet
> lately
> for a cronic upper respiratory infection where his eyes tear  because the
> nasal passages were clogged. Medication clears it up as it has  occurred
> 2-3x per
> year for the past several years.
> I am seeing a specialist on Tuesday for the cancer that shows up on the
> x-rays.  I imagine this is what I fight and do other things to ensure his
>  immune
> system stays as healthy as possible?  My vet has given me liquid  Immuno
> Support Vitamins that contains Lysine, Larch Arabinogalactan, Reishi
>  Mushroom and
> Lutein. He wants the specialist to come up with a cancer fighting
> chemotherapy protocol.
> Also, I have read posts regarding separating or not  separating positive
> and
> negative felines, and my vet actually is already  assuming the other cats
> to
> be tested will test positive.  Should he be  making that assumption?   I am
> fairly convinced right now that I could  let all kitties roam the house
> under
> certain managed conditions relating to  shared bowls, etc.
> Am I even close to being on the right track here?  I have supported  CRF
> and
> Cardiomyopathy felines at home in the past but this is all new to me
> regarding FELV status and cancer.
> Thank you to everyone for bearing with me
> God Bless all our felines!
> Steven
> New York
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