My name is Jennifer Reihart and I run a hospice center/rescue for cats with FeLv. I have been doing it for over 6 years and have gotten cats from all over the eastern US. OH, NY, NJ, PA, NC, and even as far as Texas. We have a huge house, and take in cats from different areas, and various backgrounds and give them a place to call home. I am independent, my husband and I do this on our own, and out of love for these special cats. They have free run of the home, and get lots of love and attention. We currently have 13, and they all have their own space, however at night our bed is covered in cats.

I have gotten several cats from and have given them a loving home. We have had 3 live past 9, most live until 5 or 6, we have one that is 7. We don't do anything special, they get good cat food, wet in the morning-dry throughout the day. But what I think is our secret to having them live longer is lots of love. they are all used to being petted, kissed, and made over. Each one has it's own special personality, that's what I love about cats, no two are the same.

I just wanted to introduce myself to the group. We have worked a little with the Marley fund in NC, but mostly we take cats from various rescue groups and individuals who are desperate to find a good home for their cats. We do insist they bring the cat's here so that they can see the love and attention we give the cats. This set's their mind at ease, and makes the transition easier.

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