Arlene update part 2

We had been supplying her with food for the ferals we TNR in her backyard. She 
knows each one and who the new ones are that appear. We also let Arlene know to 
contact us if she needs food for her indoor kitties. Not to take it out of her 
food stamps anymore. We brought her a bunch of cat food, dog food and kitty 
litter. Also we arrange with the local vet that Arlene could bring any of her 
indoor companion animals in to see him and be treated. We would cover the bill. 
Which she has now done.

I know this wont stop her house going into foreclosure and we have to find a 
place for over 20 + ferals but she had a little weight lifted off her burden 
and was so very touched at everyone reaching out to her. I’m sure she felt 
forgotten and abandoned when her husband died. She told us it was caring for 
the ferals and her own indoor pets that has gotten her thru after her husbands 

Sue you and your friends who reached out and pay pal donations touched her life 
in a big way. It didn’t solve her housing dilemma but lightened her load and 
let her know she is cared about and people appreciate her efforts and love for 
the cats. There are no government agencies or united way or any of the common 
organizations down where she is. But alas it’s the goodness of people that love 
and give that helped her. 

Sue I was so touched at your kindness and wanting to help. I wanted to let you 
know it really did help. So far apx $800 have come in and we have it in a 
special fund to meet her vet needs and food needs as long as it lasts.

In gratitude and love

PS Arlene had to turn her phone off. My director drove down to bring her more 
food and give her the $100. She had mentioned to us that 3 pregnant females had 
wandered into her yard and were living there. When Patti was talking to her on 
her front porch one of the females was giving birth to kittens right then!! 
Patti called us to let us know kitten season has officially started!!!
Thank you everyone for your support and for your thoughts and prayers.

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