Having worked to find owners post Katrina and now working with a shelter in
LA, I know that chips are sometimes the very last thing people remember to
update when they move or change phone #s.  Don't know what chip company you
talked to but, be sure to ask them:
1) When/where the chip was implanted--that can give you the orig vet or
shelter as well as give u a hint as to age
2) ALL the alternate contacts listed
3) The name and address of the owner as well as the phone #

If that doesn't help, feel free to e-mail me--I've had some pretty good
success tracking people whose chip info was outdated.  

Christiane Biagi
Cell:  914-720-6888
Volunteer-St. Bernard Parish Animal Shelter

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Sorry, sent this to the wrong address at first!

> I can sympathize - just a few days ago I had to leave a cat at the  
> shelter for the first time ever. He was a stray who showed up at my  
> friend's feral colony and I helped her take him in to be checked.  
> The good news is that he turned out to be microchipped, but they had  
> the wrong phone number for his owner. Neither of us had a place to  
> foster him for the ten days it would take to try to contact the  
> owner by mail. It kills me that we had to leave him, but I had to  
> consider that his owner might not take him back if she found out he  
> was exposed to a felv+/fiv+ cat. He also apparently has mange, and I  
> especially didn't think I could afford to expose Tofu to something  
> contagious. (Please send prayers/positive thoughts that "Jack's"  
> person can be located!)
> Everyone has to find their own limit. Mine is 6, partially based on  
> a new city ordinance that requires a liscense for 7 or more. All you  
> can do is realize that if you exceed your own limit, ALL your babies  
> could end up taken away. I cope by keeping an ear out for anyone I  
> meet who may be looking for a cat, by helping educate people about  
> treatable illnesses, and even donating food/medicine to people I  
> know who are having a hard time paying for cats they want to keep.
> -Emily
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