My friend Ellen has done the same thing, several years ago. One kitten was
FELV+, the other not.  They retested and nothing had changed.  The kitties are
now over 3 years old, the FELV cat is on Interferon alpha, and both kitties are
doing fine.   Yeaa.


Maria Ianiro <> wrote :

> I recently had Brady re-tested for felv, 3 1/2 months after we brought
> our felv+ kitten into the same household.  Brady tested negative on
> the snap test! The vet told us as long as we keep up with his
> boosters, he should be fine. We will not test again for felv.
> Brady was 1 year 3 months when he began living with our felv+ kitten.
> Brady did have a felv vaccination when he was a kitten.  They have
> separate food bowls, but they share everything else.  They also like
> to groom each other (which I try to stop when I see it, but I'm sure
> they do it when I am not around)
> I very glad we decided to keep them both together!
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