My FeLV cat was put on Interferon, injected daily, but he had too many complications and the injections were started too late to make a difference but the vet did take what I had left to use on a healthy positive cat they had in their care. It's an immune booster and I think could be beneficial in keeping a positive cat healthy. My nephew who is undergoing chemo/radiation therapy for Hodgkin's lymphoma has to give himself injections daily, so if it's used for cancer patients, I see no reason not to give it to FeLV cats.

I don't know what to say about rehoming your negatives but those vets seem quite negative. I don't see how an immunized cat can become positive and unless your cats are fighting and biting, I wouldn't be too worried.

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One of the vets who saw my FeLV+ catOnyx said I could give her interferon, that it may or may not help her, but certainly would not hurt her. Two other vets told me there was nothing to do for her except to wait until she gets sick then put her to sleep. One of them recommended "re-homing" my negative cats until the positive one dies because they will "inevitably" become positive as well, even though they are vaccinated.

Another owner of mixed positives and negatives is taking the same route as me in not separating the positives and negatives (vaccinating the negatives) but also gives her positive kitty something called Vetri-DMG which is supposedly produced by the body naturally and is an immune system booster.

Does anyone here have experience with these products? The vet who told me to re-home my negatives said immunoglobulins are very expensive and only help to keep a suffering cat alive. I am very confused - I get a different opinion from every vet I talk to!


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