Not all cats like the taste of Viralys. You can get unflavored 500mg L
lysine tablets, crush them and put them on their canned food.

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Onyx tested positive on both Elisa and IFA (two days apart) 75 days after
Cinder died (the other two negative). When should I retest? I have another
week before Horus & Blackie get their FeLV boosters, and the vet I like gets
back from vacation, so I was wondering if anyone here can tell me.

I have them all on Viralys (mixed in their dry food), and the DMG for Onyx
is supposed to arrive today. None of them would eat the canned food I put
the Viralys in, so I tried putting it on their dry food and they all eat it
that way. I know it's not a perfect delivery system, but at least they are
all getting some. I also ordered Nupro - I hope I can get Onyx to eat her
food with that, she's very picky. Am I overdoing it?



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