Some vets will spay a cat in heat. Greater risk of bleeding is what I have
been told. Those who will spay said it's not a risk, just that some vets
don't want to deal with a messier spay. I would always have her spayed
rather than risk her becoming pregnant. We have always spayed FeLV+ cats
during a time when they are asymptomatic. I am sorry I don't know if being
in heat is a contra indication for spaying an FeLV+ cat.  

 "One entire heat or estrous cycle, which consists of estrus and diestrus
together, lasts roughly from 18 to 24 days. Estrus itself, the phase in
which cats act a little crazy and are receptive to being mated, lasts
approximately four to 10 days. If not mated or spayed, a female cat will
continually cycle into and out of estrus during the entire breeding season.
This is not especially good for a cat's health, as the physical demands of
estrus can be quite upsetting. It's not so good for your sanity, either!" 

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ok everyone, been in shop, had a bug and just now deleted 400 unwanted
messages.  now working on important ones (250).  please be patient if i
answer things our of order and out of date.  
also just got another furbaby.  she showed up around 5 days ago, looking
pitiful, only a 3" tail, long haired torty and the most loveable baby you
ever saw.  bad weather was moving in and i was going back and forth to
hospital 60 miles away for my Mary (she had 2 strokes close together) and
picking up her mom so she could see her, calling her clients (she is beauty
operator) and in general keeping the Silex grape vine informed so took her
to my vet and he checked her out and boarded her for 4 days since i could
not bring her in with my babies until i knew if she was okay.  well, she has
felv, a slight urinary infection.  but her tail is doing well.  he thinks a
coyote or something made a grab for her and bit her tail off.  she is so
sweet, i can't imagine why someone would toss her out to fend for herself.
well, she is working in with the others nicely.  no one has killed anyone
yet.  QUESTION,  SHE IS OBVIOUSLY IN HEAT.  vet says can't do anything until
out of heat.  i almost have to spay her or she will never be able to go out
for fear of having kittens.  he said most likely if she had kittens, they
would be felv + also.  i think i remember conversation of subject of spaying
pos kitties.  we think she is around 3 years.  NEED ADVICE  SPAY OR NOT  is
it safe with her being felv+?  we are doing the best test to be double sure
and a complete blood profile and urinalysis to make sure all else is well
with her and also to get a (normal) base for future reference.  OTHER THAN

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