I got some bad news at the vet today. I brought Charlotte in for a visit 
because she wasn't herself and had been losing weight. She's been with me for 
about a year, and, like all my cats, was combo-tested before she was put in 
with my other cats. So FeLV was the last thing I was worried about. But they 
re-tested her when they did the bloodwork, and guess what, she's positive. We 
have started her on interferon.
I'm really worried about my other cats. They're 100% indoor cats and have no 
contact with my FeLV+/FIV+ crew, and I hate to admit it, but their yearly 
vaccinations don't always get done quite on schedule. My vet said he really 
wasn't that concerned about it since they've always been vaccinated, but maybe 
he was just trying to make me feel better. I'm going to get all 15 of them 
re-tested and if anyone turns up positive, well, we will just have to deal with 
I did lose Duncan, one of my FeLV cats, last July, but the others have been 
stable and look great.
I'm going to give Charlotte lysine, too. Any other suggestions?

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