Absolutely true...... I've had positives mixed with unvaccinated
negatives, without knowing the positive cats had FelV, and the other
cats remained negative. Apparently the immune system of an adult cat
is better able to handle the FelV virus.  With kittens this doesn't
seem to apply, as their immune systems are not fully developed.  We
had a litter of 8 feral kittens born last spring and 4 died of FelV
while the other 4 are all fine.

The FelV group is excellent.  Let me know if you want to join.


On 04-11, Emily Hunter wrote:
> Even if the others hadn't been vaccinated at all, they still could be  
> fine. I'm almost positive our Denzel had felv when he joined our  
> household (he was already sick), but the vet didn't test him until  
> over a year later. Our other 5 all tested negative despite sharing  
> dishes and mutual grooming. Um, I should mention we now use a  
> different vet!
> -Emily
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