My experience has been that the kittens will get the URI and it can be a 
I would personally get the mom on an antibiotic right away and get some 
antibiotic that can
be given to the kittens from birth.  Just the tiniest amount can save 

It is by far the best idea to aggressively treat the mom before the 
kittens are born and not
wait around while the URI gets worse.  Lots of sick moms will stop nursing 
or licking the kittens at all
when they get very congested.  And the moms may stop eating so no milk.
The kittens will have the best chance to survive if the fosterer can get 
the mom through the worst
of it before the kittens arrive.

Generally, an antibiotic is critical even if the URI is a virus.  A 
vaporizer or humidifier is extremely
helpful because congestion makes the mom miserable and she may stop eating 
if she can't smell.
When the fosterer takes her to the vet to get her looked at, they should 
definitely get the vet
to discuss and prescribe for congestion.

We have just gone through this in my rescue group for several litters in 
which all kittens died.
I don't want to be too negative but want to get across that it is not a 
time to take a wait and see attitude until they are all very sick.

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