Hi all, I went to the vets with tora last week for a check up before getting 
him neutered and his lymp nodes under his jaw were still swollen from his FeLV 
related stomatitis. The vet gave us some antibiotics for one week, when we went 
back yesterday his lymp nodes in his neck were a tiny bit better but one lymp 
node in his back left leg is swollen, which wasn't swollen last week!! He 
hasn't got a fever and he hasn't lost any weight, though he's always been slim. 
We suspect it to be the begining of lymphoma, I will take him in tomorrow for 
interferon  injection x 5 days in a row, will it help? it did last time when he 
only had the neck lymp nodes swollen. I want to start something natural to help 
slow down the growth. I already am adding CoQ10, DMG, immunoplex to his diet, 
he's been on a raw diet since last December, I also added Mega C plus ,My 
husband is also doing accupunture for him, Is there anything else that I can 
try? what has worked for your kitties?  My husband told me to try ginseng, the 
korean one , which I mixed with liquid organic royal jelly and some water, has 
anyone tried that? tora doesn't act sick, he runs around with his siblings and 
and while outside dueing the day in the garden will often catch birds.  i 
wanted to get him neutered, but the vet doesn't think it's a good time, what 
shall I do? wait? any advice would be greatly appreciated!! hugs and purrs 
Amanda and the 3 tabby cats and Angel Silver chan.
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