Dear all, would welcome your input very much--any ideas you may have on what's 
wrong with Petey.
Background: My FeLV foster kitten Daisy recently went to her (lovely) new 
forever home. Her companion, also positive, is Petey.. He's 7, and he's the 
sweetest cat you ever met. He welcomed Daisy (I've seen them together a few 
times) and they get on great. 
~~I just heard the bad news from Lisa (one of Daisy's original rescuers) that 
Petey is sick. 
He has *stopped eating*, and it's obvious the emergency vet didn't find the 
See Lisa's 2 emails below outlining symptoms and xray results---wd very much 
appreciate your thoughts/opinions as to what might be at the root of Petey's 
lack of appetite, drooling and hard breathing. I'll pass them asap to Lea 
(Petey's mom) and Lisa. 
many thanks---Kerry M.

(1st email) Subject: Petey 

Please send good thoughts to Petey today…Lea called last night at 9PM to ask 
for my advice because he didn’t seem well; his appetite had been bad since 
Monday and he was drooling and breathing hard.  I told her to head to CVES 
right away.  She called about 10:30 to let me know they were going to take some 
X-rays and keep him overnight for observation, then off to Family Pet this 
morning.  Let’s all cross our fingers that it’s nothing serious…

(2nd email) Subject: Petey update

I just talked to Lea.  The x-rays last night did not show any problems; heart
looked normal, lungs looked normal, kidneys, liver, bowel, etc., all
fine.  His heart and lungs sounded fine.  The vet said his gums were
pale but obviously they didn't have any of his previous records to
compare with so they are not sure if the gums are paler than they
normally are.

She ended up taking him back home with her versus leaving him there and
they are going in to Family Pet at 11AM this morning.  He slept with her
last night, soundly, but again this morning did not want any food.

I will send another update as soon as I hear more...

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