Karen, thanks for your reply. I'm not aware of any head injury but
that doesn't mean it couldn't have happened when I wasn't around.
Pixie is a little monkey and we have very steep stairs. The prospect
of a head injury or a slight stroke causing the unresponsive pupil is
upsetting but needs to be dealt with, I guess. I wonder what my vet
can/should/will do for her since the general approach to medicine
(human and animal) in the Netherlands, where I live, is "wait and
see". She's not on any meds and eats a tiny cube of tuna for cats
mixed with L-lysine and a drop of fish oil each morning. She grazes on
grain-free dry food for the rest of the day.


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> Giselle,
> You should probably take her in for an exam.  This could be caused by a head
> injury from a fall, etc. (i.e.,what could have caused the head trauma or
> imbalance to cause such a bump), slight stroke, etc., all of which needs to
> have your vet take a quick look.  Is she on any meds that could initiate
> such a response?  (Very few meds will cause such a reaction.)
> Hope all turns out O.K.
> Karen Griffith
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>> This morning I noticed something strange about one of Pixie's eyes --
>> it won't dilate in response to light like the other eye and the pupil
>> stays the size of a fat grain of rice. She's four years old.
>> Does anyone know why this is happening? Does she need to see the vet?
>> My Google searches on this topic yield some scary results.
>> Thanks for your help.
>> Giselle

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