Hello, I'm hoping someone here can give us some information or insight.
Our little tuxedo boy is 8 years old and has been healthy until recently.? He 
started hiding out and just not acting his usual sweet self, so we took him to 
the doc.? He was given antibiotics for a week and still not well - better, but 
not well.? His blood tests showed severe anemia..so blood transfusion, more 
antibiotics and prednisone.? We were sent to a specialist, who tested and got a 
weak positve for FELV.? Retest showed positive, so now we're struggling with 
whether to try interferon (our vet has not had good results) or LTCI (Imulan).? 
Does anyone have feedback regarding LTCI?? We're willing to try it, but don't 
want to make our boy go through more injections if the outcome is just 
survival, we want him to have a good life, you know?
The weird thing is, he has had the FELV vaccines, and tested negative in 2004.? 
Our other boy is 12 years old and negative, but we hate keeping them apart.? 
Oh, they are both indoor cats, too.
I'm so glad I found this forum, I'm just torn up about what to do next and felt 
there was nowhere to turn.
Thank you all!

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