I adopted my Cinder at 9 weeks, and she tested negative at that time. On 
January 12 of this year, at one year and 8 months, she crossed to the bridge 
after she become suddenly very, very ill - she was fine Friday and gone Monday. 
She had a massive tumor in her liver and her chest filled with fluid, as a 
result of being FeLV+. We discovered her FeLV status from post-mortem tests. 
Two of my three other cats tested negative last month, but one is positive. The 
vets say that at 9 weeks of age, the tests are not 100% reliable, and that even 
a negative test should have been repeated. The only difference in opinion was 
the length of time to wait to re-test - one said 4 weeks, one said 8 weeks.

I know it's hard to keep a sweet baby locked away by itself, but if I had it to 
do over again, I would in a heartbeat.


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