Laura, hang in there as long as you can and if they have Care Credit in your 
area, try it instead of Visa.  you don't have to pay interest if you pay it off 
wihtin a year.  you can reach them at or 
1-866-893-7864.  they have gotten me thru a couple of $600.00 bills and a big 
dental bill.  i don't know if they are in your area or your vet uses them, but 
would be worth a try.  dorlis
---- Laura Mostello <> wrote: 
> I brought Charlotte back to the vet yesterday. She still wasn't doing well, 
> just nibbling at her food and appearing very lethargic. Since I wasn't 
> especially happy with my vet's response to her, I tried another clinic that 
> I'd heard good things about, just to get a second opinion. Dr. Ray took more 
> blood and told me that Charlotte was indeed very anemic - her PCV was 9% 
> versus about 40% for a healthy young adult cat. So I was a little ticked off 
> that my regular vet didn't tell me just how anemic she was, and a week had 
> gone by when something else could have been done. The vet was concerned about 
> tumors but X-rays showed nothing. He recommended that a blood transfusion be 
> done immediately, so he packed up his 22 pound donor cat and I brought both 
> cats to North Fulton emergency center since they were just down the road & Dr 
> Ray's office was closing for the day.
> I picked Charlotte up at 11:30 last night (lots of coffee was needed since it 
> was an hour and a half drive) and she was so hungry! She started chowing down 
> right away. She now has doxycycline and Prednisilone twice a day. Now we just 
> have to wait for the rest of the test results to come back. I'll keep you all 
> updated.
> Thank goodness for was almost $900 yesterday. My mom asked me, 
> "Why didn't you just put her down?" but I couldn't. She doesn't want to die. 
> She's purring and rolling over to be petted and even yesterday when she 
> didn't feel good she was going up to everybody and looking for attention.
> Laura
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