Sharyl, I am so sorry for your loss....Houdini was blessed to have had you for 
her short stay in this world.

Debbie (COL)
"The time is always right to do what is right" -  Martin Luther King

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> Subject: [Felvtalk] Please add Houdini to the next CLS
> My dear sweet little girl Houdini died today. She was just 10 months old. 
> Test positive twice but never had any symptoms. For the last couple of days 
> she meowed when I picked her up. This little girl loved to be held and 
> petted. Since I have 8 house cats, I thought perhaps a bite or sprain but 
> could find any evidence of an injury. Yesterday she started breathing kind of 
> heavy so today we headed to the vet, a 45 minute drive. She stopped meowing a 
> couple of miles away from the vet's office. I thought she had finally gotten 
> used to the ride. Didn't know she was dead until I got into the vets office.
> I'm still in shock. Bright Eyes had failed over several weeks. I just didn't 
> think I wouldn't be coming home with her. 
> She loved to sit on the desk beside the computer while I was on line. When I 
> sat down on the sofa she immediately got in my lap. She just loved to be 
> loved. I will sorely miss her. I am just grateful I was able to have her love 
> for as long as I did. I rescued her and her litter mates from a dumpster site 
> when she was 4 weeks old. She earned her name because she was the only one of 
> the 4 that could escape from the crate I had them in. 
> Please add her to the next CLS.
> Sharyl Sissy Rocket CJ Mattie and all my Angels 
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