That's really frustrating and so very sad, Laura.  Gentle Bridge vibes to
these two innocents.

Diane R. 

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Charlotte returned to the vet today as scheduled. Her PCV is up to 19%
versus 9% a week ago. The CBC should be back tomorrow. Both the vet and the
vet tech noticed how much better she looks. She'll be back for a recheck in
a couple of weeks.
And if I may vent a little:  we adopted out 2 cats at the shelter to one
person. The adopter called today and said that she had both cats euthanized
because one was FeLV+ and one was FIV+. I am really ticked off. We've had
good luck getting these cats out to rescues - we've never euthanized one who
tested positive for either disease - and instead of calling us beforehand
she just had them put down. We would have taken the cats back and found
places for them to go. It's very upsetting, especially after going through
all this with Charlotte, and knowing how much effort, time and money the
people on this list spend on their positive cats. What a cop-out.

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