You can get Drontal from for $2.00 a pill (for
cats) and Frontline Plus 6 pack in the large doge size (one vial will do 8
cats) for $52.75 and their shipping is a flat $3.99.


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Subject: [Felvtalk] Fleas and Ticks

I have an outbreak of fleas on my eight felv+ cats brought home by my  two 
dogs who like to run away every chance they get. I need to worm all my  
kitties .Can someone recommend worm med's that I can buy without a
 I can't afford to take all of them to a vet at one time. I also have to 
buy flea  med's I'm thinking Frontline. I've never had much of a problem
parasites  until this spring. Please help. 
 Sheila in SC

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