That will give you about 330,000 doses, more than anyone would use in a
lifetime.  This is assuming you have the space to freeze 3,300 small
containers before the final dilution. 8-)


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>From a vet friend who has FeLV+ cats.



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Hey, it took me eight months to locate an inexpensive source after Roche
stopped making Roferon.  Compounding pharmacies want a fortune for it.  If
your vet has an account with Henry Schein, have him/her talk to the rep.
about giving a contact for a rep. who works on the human medical part of
Henry Schein.  You can get a TEN MILLION unit vial for about $140, as I
recall.  Sounds expensive, but once diluted, will give more doses than
you'll need for a single cat.




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