Welcome Nortina,
You have already received some good advise.  There is a mix of positive and 
negative cats in my home.  My positives are relatively young with the oldest 
two approx 1 1/2 yrs old.  Like McFluffins, love the name, they are rescues.  
My negative kitties have been vaccinated.  I did not mix them until the 
negatives received their follow up 30 day booster.   

Could you keep McFluffins in a separate bedroom until Jasper gets his booster?

Thanks for giving McFluffins a 2nd chance.

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> Hello, 
> I have been a member of this list for a few days now since
> I found out that our new kitty tested postive for feline
> leukemia. 
> We already have one cat, Jasper, who is about 7-8 years
> old. The animal shelter was unsure of his age when I got
> him, so we aren't quite sure now either. Jasper, as a rule,
> really dislikes other animals. Cats, dogs, he shows them all
> who is boss. However, since we have moved to our new house
> in mid-January, we've had a stray hanging around. Jasper,
> who gets out every now and then even though we try not to
> let him, actually didn't seem to hate this other cat. I saw
> them actually playing together which was a surprise to me.
> This other cat kept trying to sneak IN the house and was so
> loving anyway that we just decided to adopt him once we
> realized we might actually be able to have another cat in
> the same house as Jasper (we have tried twice previous with
> very bad results). 
> We kept this new cat (my kids are bent on calling him
> McFluffins) in the bathroom overnight while waiting for his
> first vet appointment to see if he would even use a litter
> box. I was glad to see that he did, but noticed we had an
> issue with worms. 
> While at the vet they tested for FIV and feline leukemia.
> This is when we found that he tested positive for feline
> leukemia. The vet that I spoke to that day didn't really try
> to encourage me in making any decision, but I have to admit
> that I thought about having him put down. I was not really
> willing to though because I have already found that he is a
> very loving and wonderful cat and is perfectly healthy at
> the moment. After asking some questions about how it can
> progress and the implications for Jasper, I decided that we
> would keep him. 
> We had another vet visit the day after for Jasper and the
> vet that we spoke to that day was firm that there will be
> issues with the stray that we took in, it is just a matter
> of how long until they surface. She was much less hopeful
> than the previous vet, but nice and informative all the
> same. 
> Currently Jasper and the new cat are seperated as Jasper
> was behind on his vaccinations and was never vaccinated
> again feline leuk. I was told that, based on Jasper's age,
> he wasn't likely to catch it anyway, but it would be worth
> giving anyhow. It was suggested that they be kept apart
> until his second booster shot in a month after this one.
> Does anyone else have an experience like this? Is it really
> necessary to keep them seperated? 
> I have been reading all of the posts so far but feel a
> little lost since I am not very knowledgable on the subject,
> so hopefully I will catch up soon. 
> Nortina
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