Today I would not vaccinate. I would do nothing to compromise them. Squeaky
did get sick for 3 days every year after his FeLV vaccination. I cannot
believe neither the vet nor I stopped doing them. That was 13 years ago...I
know a lot more know and don't hesitate to ask questions and do my research.
Groups like this make all the difference in the world. We can be informed
guardians and we can consult with many others in our same situation. I
appreciate knowing what others (including other vets) do.

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I can appreciate your post.  There are studies that say that vaccination 
helps the FELV kitty and others that say just the opposite.  I have found 
that vaccination of positive cats decreases their survivability in the 
immediate situation.  (Who knows what long term figures are for asymptomatic

kitties).  We'll have to wait another 10 yrs to get the real results with 
double blind studies.  They are wonderful animals.  They thrive and survive 
despite our best efforts in many cases.  We need to send a blessing to all 
on this list that help every day and try to take the best care possible of 
these immunocompromised souls.  I just do what I have found to be successful

over the last 10 years or so.


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> The odd thing is I didn't do anything special because I had no idea what
> this diagnosis meant at that time! I even had them vaccinated for feline
> leukemia every year (makes me wonder about the vet!). Stripes was treated
> with antibiotics every time he got sick. He nearly died from an injection
> the vet gave him once (he couldn't walk after) but he rallied. Mostly I
> loved them and provided a mostly stress free environment. I fed them 
> Natural
> Choice and later Science Diet CD to Squeaky. They even ate Meow Mix and
> canned Friskies before I knew NOT to feed MM. The vet thought Squeaky was 
> a
> "carrier" and carried the virus in his bone marrow. When I considered a
> companion for Squeaky after Stripes died, the vet never told me of any 
> risk
> for a new kitty....
> Not sure if this is any help at all other than to say that some kitties do
> well no matter what we do!
> Laurie
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>>My 2 FeLV+ cats lived to ages 22 and 16. Stripes, the 16 year old, was
> sick
>>on and off his entire life. Squeaky was never sick until his last 3 weeks
> on
> Laurie,
> With that wonderful statement, can you tell me how you cared for them -
> both the sick
> one and the well one?
> I would like to do exactly what you did.
> Thanks!
> Trissa in Philly
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