I hope I didn't sound angry in my post (angry towards the couple who
committed suicide)....I have dealt with severe depression my whole
life....when I have those thoughts though I know I have so many
precious little lives who need me.   I do however regret the pain that
caused these people to take their lives leaving these cats behind.

On Fri, May 1, 2009 at 9:26 AM, Heather <furrygi...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Mary Christine thank you so much for posting this, I neglected to do
> so before people showed up to work on my pc and didn't have access
> again till this morning.
> With all of my rescue work, I have heard stories like this
> before...but it is the first time it happened to me directly that I
> was trying to save some only to find it was "too late".   I can only
> hope it somehow means they perhaps would have had a difficult road
> ahead and needed to be with their family, but of course that's little
> consolation and it feels like these people just left them to meet the
> same fate.
> Last fall a young friend of my bf's passed away, he was only 37 and
> left behind 2 sr. cats who were, as with these 3, in the house a while
> after the death and it was quite a battle getting them healthy again.
> They were not felv+ cats and these 3 had been in the house with no
> food or water for 11 days.   I am presenting rationalizations but of
> course my heart doesn't really believe them and wanted them to have a
> chance.
> I thank you all for your concern...the rescue work is full of
> heartbreak, sadly there have been many losses I haven't posted here
> but should have so they could be added to the bridge list.   If it's
> ok for me to send a list I will do so soon.
> Thank you all for caring for FELV kitties, as we all know, they are
> given very limited chances in this world, due to no fault of their
> own.  Every cat deserves love & good care for whatever time they have.
> Heather
> On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 10:48 PM, Gloria B. Lane <gbl...@aristotle.net> wrote:
>> Thanks MC - sorry to hear this, thanks for working to help them -
>> Gloria
>> On Apr 30, 2009, at 4:04 PM, MaryChristine wrote:
>>> special thanks to everyone who has been working on this one all day; we've
>>> learned that all three of the kitties were euthanized earlier this
>>> afternoon, upon the advice of the shelter veterinarian, who is very well
>>> respected in the area; the shelter itself has an excellent reputation as
>>> rescue-friendly, the cats were placed on a long-time hold yesterday, and
>>> rescuers were contacted this morning. this one does NOT seem to be one of
>>> those, "oh, no, kill them just because they're FeLV!" but terribly sad
>>> nevertheless.
>>> heather, thank you especially, for trying to do the impossible, and
>>> managing
>>> to locate others who are as delusional as you!
>>> MC
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