Hi  Laurie, 

As you know we went to the vet today and did the blood panel and urinalysis and 
then decided to do the ear test.  By this time Kitty was overly stressed and 
subsequently received a 23.3 reading.  It was just a few days ago when he got a 
13.9 reading.  I wish that he did this test first to reduce all his stress.  He 
had his prednisone yesterday and of course we've been giving him the Methyl B12 
which does have sugar in it.  However he is more lively and has more strength 
in his hind quarters-it's not perfect but much better than just a few days ago. 
 We're so disappointed with the ear prick test but have high hopes regarding 
the urinalysis and blood work.
We spoke to the vet briefly regarding Lantus and have found out that our 
pharmacy stocks it which is good.  Today wasn't the right time to go into 
everything until all the tests come back but we made it clear to him that we 
are going to take a proactive role in Kitty's health.    At this point in time 
I'm not interested in how this vet feels. We got Kitty through the FELV with a 
very good knowlegeable friend when everyone else was telling us to put him down 
but six years later we still have him. This is definitely going to be hard for 
me.  I have no problem giving needles to other people including myself but I 
have a hard time with my cats.

When I had to give Simba antibiotics for 10 days I was lousy at it and didn't 
have the thrust to get the needle in.  I know that I will think positively and 
for sure we'll be home testing. If this all comes to pass and he has to go on 
insulin I just have to keep repeating to myself that I will be able to do it as 
I have no choice.
Thank you so much Laurie  for all your help. Tomorrow when we hear from the vet 
I will let you know what the outcome is.

> Date: Tue, 5 May 2009 03:33:16 -0700
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> Subject: [Felvtalk] FeLV+ kitty is sick
> My Positive blind girl is sick, I have had her for just a year now and this 
> is the first time she's been ill.  I had my neighbor take her to my vet 
> yesterday and she had a fever of 104.9, she's also not eating much and VERY 
> lethargic.  I'm very worried.  
> I adopted Laura (she was named after me by my vets staff, long story) because 
> she was living at the vets, was blind and being tormented by another cat.  I 
> had her tested when I brought her home and found out she was pos, she came 
> from a colony that had alot of pos's, so I think she'd been pos since a 
> kitten, just didn't show on her first snap test.  Anyway, at that time we 
> found out the cat that was bullying her was also pos, he recently passed away.
> Laura will be three next month, I've read that many kitties don't live more 
> than 2-3 years after diagnosis.. Vet drew blood yesterday so today we should 
> get those results back...please keep a good thought it's not something dire.
> Laura
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