Charlotte has just passed away.
I came home from work, went into her room and she was lying on her side, crying 
and breathing heavily. I ran and let my dogs out, came back to her and held her 
for what turned out to be about 4 hours. She gradually slowed down, but was 
responding to my voice for quite a while. Eventually that stopped and I knew 
she was probably unconscious. She passed at the stroke of midnight, and I know 
it sounds crazy, but I immediately felt so calm - I can only explain it by 
saying that as soon as she died I physically felt her suffering end. It was so 
strange. I am sitting here crying as I write this even though I know it's 
better and she won't be in pain any more. But she'd been doing so well and 
eating like a pig. Just this morning she was stuffing her face with chicken. So 
I thought that maybe I could have her with me for just a while longer, and just 
maybe she'd be one who survived despite the odds. Guess I was wrong. I hate 
this disease.
Thanks everyone for all your help.

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