I'm so sorry for your loss.

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I lost my wonderful Dixie Louise Doodle Katt after 3 years.  She came out of a 
pine thicket (country equivalent of street).  She was full grown and, until a 
few days before she left, I thought she had beaten it.  There were short/little 
problems but nothing that couldn't happen with the healthiest cat who had lived 
on her own for a while/forever.  I gave her my heart and I would not trade one 
second of time with her for anything.  Not even those awful last few minutes as 
she left this world beside me as I was driving her home from the vets'.  You 
know that you are not alone in your pain.  I doubt that is overly helpful at 
this minute but everyone who has been there knows how awful it is.  And you 
have been there so often and given so very much to these wonderful little 
ones.  Please let your heart heal and expand to include more of them.  
Street/pine thicket cats/kittens have such a hard time and, if they have any 
health problems they have
 little chance unless someone can put the pain on hold and love and care for 
them during the time they have.

May all the angels surround you.
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> My Zman lost his fight today.  He is my 6th in the past 9 months.  I know 
> that it is to be expected when you take in sickly street kids, but it doesn't 
> help with the pain of losing any one of these wonderful creatures.  .
> Zuckerman was a 2 week old kitten with a horrible URI when I found him.  He 
> quickly became a momma's boy, going to work with me during the day and 
> holding paws through the carrier door at night.
> Once old enough to graduate from the carrier, he became quite the snuggler, 
> curling up at my neck during the night.  He loved to suckle earlobes and 
> would launch himself off a piece of furniture onto any unsuspecting person 
> who happened by in order to attach himself to one.  I told him that he would 
> have to stop because we couldn't have a 12 pound adult "catapulting" himself 
> onto everyone.  Guess I don't have to worry about that now, he was only 8 
> months old and less than 4 pounds at the end.
> We were holding paws when he left.
> It's been said before by all of us and unfortunately I know it will be said 
> many more times, but I hate this freaking disease.
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