Thanks for posting this.  Stevie Ray is a tuxedo and recently his black has 
taken on a rust tinge but not in the normal sun-kissed way that black cats will 
turn red.  Otherwise he has been healthy.  I will definitely get him to the vet 
for tests.  I wouldn't have known that this might be a problem without you 
sharing your knowledge.  
Please don't feel guilty about what you fed Denzel.  We can only do the best we 
can with the knowledge we have at the time (and it sounds like what you fed 
wasn't the culprit anyway).  Denzel was loved and everything you did was based 
on that fact.
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Since anemia can be a persistent and deadly problem for felv+ cats, the recent 
recall of some of the Nutro foods is disturbing to me. The reason given for the 
recall is a problem with the amounts of zinc and potassium. Apparently too much 
zinc leads to copper deficiency and anemia, although this is not particularly 
common in cats. I started reading about this condition literally a few hours 
before Denzel died, because one of the symptoms of copper deficiency in black 
cats (he originally was solid black) is that their fur turns rust colored - by 
that time Denzel was almost looking like a tortie! I didn't follow up with the 
vet about what I'd been reading because all the docs who were treating Denzel 
were pretty sure his anemia had to be from hemobart. (Nothing was detected 
under the microscope, but I understand that's fairly common.)

I'm definitely feeling guilty because I actually got him some of the Nutro soft 
food when he started to get sick that last time, because I liked the ingredient 
list. Logically I know that a couple of pouches wouldn't cause the whole 
problem, but now I wonder if some of his other food may have had a similar 
problem, or if he got ahold of one of the zinc pills my mom and I were both 
taking for cold season.

Anyway, my reason for posting this is to let others fighting the dreaded anemia 
know that this is something to check with your vets about; maybe copper 
supplementation can help prolong some kitties' lives. (But do not supplement 
without a vet's guidance! Cats only need a trace amount of copper!)

-Emily (I know, I read too much for my own good!)
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