we've just learned that at least three shelters in the state of KS believe
that adopting out FIVs (and most probably FeLVs) is illegal. a number of
folks, including some on this list, have read the state statutes, and cannot
find this to be the case, nor can we find FIV or FeLV on the state's list of
reportable animal diseases.

we're working on finding out WHY shelters are being told this, and what we
can do to change this situation. especially since, with the FIV vaccine, any
cat receiving it will test positive forever on the two commercially
available tests.

in the course of starting to look into this, we've heard that many states
claim that adopting out FIVs and FeLVs is illegal, and that that is an
excuse used by both shelters and vets for the normal line of treatment,
which as we know, is euthanasia. since vets are seldom adopting out cats,
that makes no sense, and none of the shelters i've ever worked at that
regularly kill positives do so for any reasons other than, "they're too hard
to adopt out," or from fear of liability, or plain ignorance.

but this may mean that this misperception is far more widespread than we
knew, and that some action is required--if anyone is interested in working
with us to help seeing what the laws actually say, and changing those that
may actually penalize cats for having a virus that may or may not ever make
them sick, please join FIVCats2 at www.yahoogroups.com.

thanks! i'll leave now....


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