the ASPCA sends cats there.

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Wouldn't it depend on quality of life? Any "sanctuary" should be checked out 
prior with a personal visit and some questions. 

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> just to cause more trouble, as i'm so good at doing, not separating is NOT
> necessarily the worse thing, if death is the only alternative. FIVs are
> generally the healthiest populations at any sanctuary, and they throw off
> FeLV at the same or possibly a higher rate than any other
> cat--double-positives will often end up testing positive only for FIV after
> living in a FeLV environment.
> remember that most cats who end up in sanctuary settings are NOT up for
> adoption--if they were considered adoptable, and rescues or shelters were
> willing to try to find them homes, they wouldn't be going to sanctuaries.
> while some sanctuaries do have active adoption programs, many do not, for
> very good reasons: they have to spend their time and money taking care of
> unwanted, undesirable, unadoptable cats.
> folks who are willing to adopt FIVs and FeLVs are far more willing, also, to
> be--or equally willing to be--educable about the facts re: the two viruses,
> and understand that living with FeLVs in order to live doesn't mean you're
> gonna BE one of the them.
> which is not a blanket endorsement of the practice, but if we truly believe
> what we're saying, and what the research is showing us, we have to carry it
> out further--it'd be great if there were an FIV/FeLV sanctuary in every
> town, with a separate room for each population, but it ain't happening, and
> these cats do NOT deserve to die for lack of space.
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