we have only 2 or 3 rescue groups in our area and they are entirely volunteer 
staffed.  they are not too good at keeping boxes clean and really don't have 
time to socialize the kitties and dogs in their care.  most of them come in 
after work or go in before work.  pretty hectic schedule.  now that my Mary is 
recovering from her stroke and her son Lane can take her to rehab, i am going 
to get with the closest group and volunteer to go in an clean and spend time 
with the kids in their care.  having 6 of my own, with 2 felv pos, i iknow that 
it takes a lot of time to clean boxes, feed and spend some personal time with 
each of my babies so no one feels left out.  i have been fortunate, none of my 
girls and 1 boy have any real health issues  right now, just worms.  been 
passing out the meds for that and some of them don't like taking meds.  by the 
time i get Revolution for all 6, keep shots up to date, my vet loves me.  i 
think i spend more time with him than i do iwth my own doctor.  one last one to 
spay, she showed up when in heat and lost her tail to a raccoon i think because 
she goes bananas whenever she sees one and tries to hide between my chair and 
me.  as soon as she is out of heat, she goes to see the doctor because she is 
driving me and all the girls crazy with her howling, etc.  even if she was not 
felv pos, can't let her get pregnant, she is too small, less than 6 lbs.  vet 
says not safe for her to have kittens.  i can see the need for spaying as she 
just paces all night long, howling, crying.  she never gets any sleep and has 
lost weight and hair.  vet said that happens when in heat.  to go thru that 
several times a year would be torture for me, know must be for her.  
it seems that so many kitties have gone since i last logged in.  i know how 
each one of you must feel, it is like loosing one of my own children when one 
of my babies passes on.  God be with you and give you another baby to take 
their place.  dorlis
---- Sharyl <cline...@yahoo.com> wrote: 
> I had the opportunity to visit the C&W Rustic Hollow Shelter in IA.  Looking 
> for a forever home for my cats when I die.  They have a excellent set up with 
> multiple houses/buildings/barns.  Each building is heated and has air 
> conditioning.  Most windows have an attached screened-in enclosure so the 
> kitties can enjoy the nice weather.  There are several TVs in each building 
> running kitties videos.  
> Most of the buildings are old but it is obvious the kitties are well loved.  
> In addition to a paid staff, volunteers come in every day to feed the kitties 
> and scoop the litter boxes.   
> The rooms had hand me down furniture for the kitties to lounge on.  It isn't 
> the Ritz but everything was clean.  They have a board of directors and plans 
> in place to keep the facility going if/when something happens to the original 
> owners.  
> Most importantly they will take FeLV+ kitties and other special needs 
> kitties.  I am having my will changed so my cats will go there when the time 
> comes.  I sponsor one of their kitties with neurological issues.
> Here is the link to their web site if anyone is interested. 
> http://www.rustichollowshelter.org/
> Sharyl
> --- On Mon, 6/1/09, MaryChristine <twelvehousec...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > From: MaryChristine <twelvehousec...@gmail.com>
> > Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] PA Sanctuary
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> > Date: Monday, June 1, 2009, 4:45 PM
> > of course if depends on quality of
> > life, but you also have to have a
> > realistic definition of what that means. i've found that
> > many people tend to
> > judge quality of life in human terms, and in light of what
> > they would like
> > to be able to provide to a housecat--and that is NOT
> > necessarily what a
> > sanctuary can and even should be able to provide.
> > 
> > people often have unrealistic expectation of the places
> > that take in the
> > unwanted, and while there are DEFINITELY enough horror
> > stories to go around,
> > until more folks can step up and share the burden, they
> > perhaps need to
> > revise down their own personal standards.
> > 
> > let's have a task force of folks who volunteer to go to
> > sanctuaries nearby
> > where they live, and report back to the rest of us. let's
> > talk with people
> > who've had to try to make decisions regarding how best to
> > care for large
> > number of critters, and see what it's like to make the
> > choices needed. let's
> > ask the cats -- you can tell happy cats when you see them,
> > and plush
> > surroundings are NOT the standard....
> > 
> > MC
> > -- 
> > Spay & Neuter Your Neighbors!
> > Maybe That'll Make The Difference....
> > 
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