Thanks for the update, Kerry.  It's very sad news, but I
wanted to know one way or the other.


On 06-04, Kerry MacKenzie wrote:
> Lorrie, Jody wrote on June 1:
> Thank you all for the words of support. Sweet Darcy went downhill so  
> fast, becoming unable to walk. I drove to an emergency clinic where  
> they did their best for her through the  weekend.
> Yesterday we helped her to the Bridge, knowing there was just no more  
> anyone could do. Her FeLv wouldn't let her fight off the ravages of  
> whatever attacked her - probably a cancer that centered in her  
> nervous system.
> We miss her dreadfully but know she had a good life with us, short  
> though it was. She was much loved.
> Jody
> Help blind cats see a future!
> On 04/06/2009, at 3:24 PM, Lorrie wrote:
> >Did anyone hear anything more about Darcy, the little female who
> >was in such pain after her spay.  PLEASE let us know how she is.
> >I have been worried about her, but I may have missed a post from
> >Jody letting us know how she is.
> >
> >Lorrie

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