I'm so soory to hear about BB....
Thankfully he lost his fight in your arms. 
Many do not, as they die alone or away from their loved ones. I know as I  
lost my TAZ when he was recovering from extensive surgery. I didn't get to 
say  good-bye to him. So you can imagine how that felt. 
It was so sudden....
BB is now where he is healthy and playing with the butterflies with  the 
other kitties.
He has been greeted by my TAZ and others that have gone to the Rainbow  
You are in my thoughts and prayers.
I've been on this group forever even though at this moment I do not have  
any FELV kitties it could change at any given time.
As I've stated many times this group is vital for information this is why  
I'm still here.
So please remain and don't leave.
Give yourself some healing time and take care.
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Hello  everyone, 

I'm sad to say that I lost my BB today....he was a brave boy  who went as 
far as he could in this life.? I got to be there and hold him one  last time 
as he went to sleep.? Thanks to everyone for their kindness....there  will 
always be a place in my heart, and a piece missing from my life for my  sweet 
BB.? Thanks also for this forum and the information that you are trying  to 
spread about this horrible disease.?  


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Terrie Mohr-Forker
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