Slight math error, 3 million units cut with 1000 ml of saline gives you 3000
units per ml and this can be frozen indefinitely.  You usually break that up
into one ml containers and freeze.  When you need one, thaw it out and cut
with 100 ml of saline and that gives you 30 IU per ml.  Island always said
you shouldn't freeze it after the final dilution, but I don't know if that
is true or not.


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I haven't bought any interferon alpha in a while. The Island Pharmacy  
article on interferon alpha is here:

Somewhere I read and heard that it was ok to refreeze it, so have been  
doing that but the Island Pharmacy article says not to do that.

I know that there are a lot of diverse "views" and not always "truths"  
known about oral low dose interferon alpha.  When I've bought it  
locally, I get a vial which contains "3 million units per 0.5ml" .  
This is mixed in with 1000 ml sterile saline solution, and yields 30  
units per ml.  . So at this point,  Island Pharmacy says not to  
refreeze it.

Just wondering if anyone has any other opinions or info on it?


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