folks, once again, go to the website and actually READ what it says, and be
intelligent consumers.

this is NOT a drug, it is a "treatment aid." it has CONDITIONAL approval
(which means that it shows promise of maybe doing something)--NOT from the
FDA but from the Department of Agriculture.

i'm getting really frustrated by folks who don't ask around and talk with
people who have done some investigating of these "new, improved, emperor's
new supplement" claims--scientists (and undergrad stat students) who look at
the "research" done on this product laughs--the original study, upon which
everything is based, was done on a sample size that isn't even statistically

and what they are calling, "trials" have been laughable, as well--perhaps
they've cleaned up that part of their act, but til now no sanctuary or vet
experienced with research would take part in them, as they were no more
rigorous nor statistically valid than the original ones.

whoever heard of a drug company CHARGING people to take part in clinical

yes, perhaps this product has some use, but the sleazy marketing techniques
that have characterized the company since they bought out the people who
actually DID the work, makes many of us question ANYTHING they say.

and what's worse is that it's all there, on their website.

i can't even comment upon the unlikelihood that a kitten who truly has FIP
would live long enough to participate in trials of any sort.

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