Ugh, ugh, ugh!!  Does this mouth-breather realize that humans are very
certainly animals too?  These double-standards need to be eliminated, for
the good of us all.

Diane R. 

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Cannot believe that frigging people STILL feel this away towards animals.

I replied to an on-line message board in a group that I belong to and this
is what the idiot had to say. It is enough to blow my top.

If everyone thought/felt this way there would be no hope for ANY animals,
much less for the poor FeLV positive kitties!

There are just some humans that I hate! They give good, honest, caring pet
guardians a bad name. It people with this disgusting type of attitude that
makes me wish that I could save them all...including the FeLVs.

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They are ANIMALS, not humans. 
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That is frigging appalling!

I was aware of the research lab buying "free" animals, but I absolutely had
no idea that there was a lab in Mt. Vernon! That is too damn close for my

And about feeding pet snakes? Nothing makes me madder than hell to hear
about some poor, broke-ass idiot feeding their snake baby kittens! This is
why I absolutely will NEVER be a reptile guardian.

People, PLEASE be responsible and SCREEN potential applicants who are
interested your "FREE" pet ad! You are playing Russian roulette with these
poor innocent lives. How would you feel is someone "freed" you off to a
serial killer? And in some cases, that is EXACTLY what you are doing,
handing over animals to be slaughtered, either via a lab or via a menu.

I absolutely hate FREE classified pet ads. They always attract the
irresponsible pet owners, pet abusers and those looking to make a quick buck
off the lives of the innocent.

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Please be careful - to whomever asks for the cat or dog, tell them (1) they
can bring it back if there is a problem when they get it home and (2) you
will be checking on it later.   There have been people give pets away on
freecycle (when they got away with it) and then later posted that they
didn't even get the person's name or address!   There are people who take
them to sell to the lab around Mt Vernon,  and there are people who get the
small ones (kittens, gerbils and tiny puppies) to use as feed for their
snakes.  ( A previous neighbor used to get snake food that way.)


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