Heather, unfortunately many ARF kitties do end up with CRF.   The good news is 
CRF can be managed and many kitties live for years without any problems.  A 
good web site for more info is

Sounds like you have a great vet to pull her through the acute episode.   
Good Luck

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> Date: Friday, June 26, 2009, 2:55 PM
> Yes, it probably was ARF from a toxin
> but she was only stabilized after
> weeks of constant IV and had to remain on fluids, both the
> treating vet and
> specialist diagnosed her as  CRF (following ARF, if
> that makes any sense).
> She is doing very well now, but they really didn't expect
> her to make it due
> to her crashes in that first month--she was only about 8
> weeks old when he
> found her on Halloween and besides the anemia she had
> dangerously high
> potassium---even the specialists found her case quite
> unusual but the renal
> ultrasound did show damage likely from a toxic
> insult.   Her BUN is now more
> stable in the 40's and her creatinine is normal...but the
> vets did consider
> her CRF, it could be that now they'd reconsider that, have
> to ask that, we
> are about to do our first time skipping the monthly BW and
> do it again in 3
> months since she's doing so well....after all she's been
> through and the
> abosolute joy that she is, we can't take any chances with
> her--they really
> didn't think she was going to make it so we have to be
> thankful for every
> day...and certainly are!!!!
> Her anemia did resolve, though.


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