Is there any diarrhea or vomiting? Frankie was ravenous - even raiding the
other kitties' bowls and was diagnosed with pancreatitis. The vet had not
seen the ravenous eating with pancreatitis before.  He did lose some weight
later after he became anorexic. He had occasional fudgy stools. 

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I have an appointment for Wolfie to get bloodwork tomorrow.  He's been
losing weight steadily for almost 4 years now.  We've done numerous stool
samples, bloodwork (CBC and chem) every 6 months, and 2 thyroid tests.  He's
been on kitten food (high fat) to try to stop the weight loss but it's not
helping.  He eats well and always seems hungry.  

I've been discussing how to proceed with my vet and her suggestions of
possibilities were an IDEXX hemobart test, a pancreatitis test (spec-flp), a
feline digestive panel (which would include the flp test), and a more
extensive thyroid panel.  Abdominal ultrasound and bone marrow biopsy came
up as well as B-comp and B-12 injections.  The lab suggested we start with
the hemobart and thyroid panel tomorrow to see what we find.  If we don't
find anything there, we will do the extensive digestive panel in a couple
weeks.  Does that sound like a reasonable plan?

We have been discussing whether to just treat for hemobart and while she is
open to treating him without a test confirming he has it, we have some
concerns.  Most of the research she sent me expressed concerns about
developing antibiotic resistance especially among cats with retroviruses. 
The other concern is what form of doxycycline to use if we do treat.  What
do most people use for their cats?  She sent me some options and it seems
esophageal stricture is a concern if using tablets for cats.  She said I can
get it compounded but wondered what form people on this board are using.
Can anybody let me know what form of doxy they use to treat hemobart?



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