My understanding is FIV is transmittable only via a deep cat bite (cat to
cat). I am sure there is lots more info at the link provided! 

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This is an awesome group for information. Joel is the moderator.

He is into research and very technical stuff.

Thanks for caring for this kitty.


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> Adopted an FIV+
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>  Today I brought a "new" 15 year old cat home from the shelter.  He is a
> very sweet flame point  FIV positive.  I know next to nothing about FIV
> except that it is not supposed to be as easy to transmit as feline
>  Does anyone have any information or links for FIV?  He seems very healty
> except for goopy eyes.  He is going to get Wellness food with lysine mixed
> into it.
> Thanks for any advise!
> Sue
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