So we got the bloodwork back and Wolfie's thyroid screen (TF4/T3) was totally 
normal.  He's been losing weight steadily for the past 4 years and always acts 
hungry.  We also did a test for hemobart.  They tested for three organisims and 
one of them (can't remember all the names) came up positive.  My vet plans to 
start Wolfie on pred tonight (since I have some) and liquid doxy tomorrow.  His 
hematocrit when we had bloodwork done last week was 29 (a bit low for him).  
Anything else people would recommend as far as treatment at this point?  I've 
seen stuff about Epogen, transfer factor, etc.  My vet wants me to send her 
links as she has only used Epogen for one cat and I told her I have some info.  

Belinda, you sent me some links in a private e-mail.  Can I pass those on to my 

I'd love to hear how others would proceed.



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