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Sounds like a mystery but his HCT isn't too bad, it is when it gets to 20% and below you really need to start worrying, although with an FeLV+, I'd keep a close eye on it when it gets to 24% or 25%. My Vet wouldn't start epogen until the HCT gets to 20% or below, and a transfusion if it gets to 10%.

How is Wolfies HCT now? If it is still at 29% I would start giving Wolfie Nutrived, it has all the things needed to build new blood. Here are the links I sent you, I don't have your Vets email so you can forward them to her.

Links below:


This site has some good info on anemia itself and some of the treatments.







Below is something similar to epogen but reported to not be as risky as epogen far as the antibodies risk goes, although like I said Bailey was on epogen for 5 months with no problems, and I personally know a cancer kitty that was on it for 2 years and had no problems, he finally succumbed to his cancer after it came out of remission for the 3rd time but his HCT was still normal, he would have died long before of anemia without the epogen:





I do know of someone who did this and it did work for her cat, don't know if it is the one they are talking about here:

*_Using Aranesp in Cats Who Have Developed the Antibody Reaction to Epogen_*

It is not generally recommended to use any form of human erythropoietin in a patient who has reacted to another form (in other words, if you have developed the antibody reaction to Epogen, it is not advisable to use Aranesp instead). However, since there are some differences between Epogen and Aranesp, apparently some US vet schools are trying to maintain cats who have developed the antibody reaction to Epogen or Eprex by using blood transfusions for several (6-8) weeks, and then starting them on Aranesp, in the hope that the cats will not also develop an antibody reaction to Aranesp.



Below is a feline version of epogen, very costly and I don't think you can get it here yet, they use it overseas. Not positive of this but last I heard it wasn't sold here ... some people previously on the list have had their vets order it for them.


I check this site regularly because Fred is CRF and may face some of these problems in the future, I have gotten tons of help here for things he is dealing with now.

I disagree with the statement on this site that "It's a specific treatment for the anemia caused by deteriorated kidneys", because like I said with Bailey his anemia had nothing to do with his kidneys.


Here is a good link on Hemobartonella:



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