I found a cat on my front porch about two weeks ago.
When I found him he looked very sick. He did not move nor open his eyes. 
I took him to the vet and sadly he tested positive for the FeLV virus. He also 
had a severe case of anemia and needed a blood transfusion quick. 
He had the blood transfusion, was given medications and is doing much better 
now. Now, he is playful, active and full of energy. He doesn't look sick at all.
He is not fixed ( this is how I found him and the vet said to wait until he is 
strong enough to neuter him) and I don't know if he has ever been vaccinated, 
in the case that he had owners before.

Keeping the FeLV cat is not possible because I have a cat of my own and she's 
As a low-income, full-time college student I'm finding it extremely difficult 
to care for him and provide for him (I don't have the time and money necessary 
to do so). 
I already spend all of my college savings on him.....Do I regret it? No way! I 
would do it again. 
I just can't keep this up because I don't have the means necessary to do so. He 
needs high-quality food and I don't have enough to buy for two pets. I'm having 
trouble feeding my own cat now. Also, I don't have a cage to keep him in and 
the wood house I made for him is not secure nor to his liking. He has escaped 
before and GOD knows where he goes. What if he catches another disease or 
infects other cats. 

I've asked for help and have contacted animal shelters to borrow a cage, for 
free food, etc, but I need so much that some can't help me or can only help 
with very little. I appreciate all that I have been given but the cat still 
needs more. I'm still looking for a cage. 

Friends and family say that I took on a huge responsibilty that I shouldn't of 
but now I'm involved and I have no choice but to find this kitty a new, nice 
and safe home. I can't abandon him now. I will not do this. 

I have been looking for a sanctuary in CA that takes in FeLV cats but all are 
full and others have not gotten back to me yet. Who knows if they ever will. 
Please help with any place that might be able to assist this cat and me.
I named him Kitto and he is so loving and playful. He needs a place to call his 
home. Please help him.

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