Yes I do give my cats vit b injections, in fact I have a bottle at the vets that I forgot to pick up today. Sometimes they notice sometimes they don't, it is said to sting but the tiny needle you use they can barely feel and you inject such a small amount by the time they notice a sting, if there is one, it is done. My cats don't mind it at all.

Get insulin needles from your local pharmacy. I use these, Sure Comfort, Insulin syringe. I think I paid .20 or .25 cents each and I usually buy a box of 100. They come in a package of 10, with 10 packages to a box.:

U - 100 insulin
29 gauge 1/2 inch needle
Super slimline needle

I paid $20.00 or $25.00 dollars a box, they last forever.


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