re medicating:  wouldn't it be lovely if we could talk to them and explain why 
we are doing this.  then they would not consider us the most horrible living 
creature ever and fight us so.  i have 2 like this and they both have candida 
in their ears.  i have found that sitting in a chair with a solid back, holding 
them between myself and the chair helps.  if i am pilling, sometimes they hold 
the pill in their mouth and spit it out as soon as they get away from me.  vet 
said to pill, gently stroke their throat downward to stimulate swallowing.  
they still hate me for bout 1/2 hr after.  dorlis
---- Amy <> wrote: 
> >    Hi Amy,
> >   Wolfie's HCT at 29% isn't horrible, 
> Epogen isn't
> > given until the HCT drops to 20% or lower.
> Yeah didn't plan to start Epogen til it drops to 20 or lower.  Just trying to 
> do my research and prepare since I've never had one stop dropping once the 
> HCT starts going down.
> Since you already have
> > the pet tinic you may as well use it up and if you need to
> > continue try the nutrived ... I have had many people tell me
> > their cats liked it, one girl said her cat would lick it
> > right out of the syringe she used to give it to him, none of
> > my cats liked it ... in fact my cats won't eat the food if I
> > put it in there.  How does Wolfie do with the pet
> > tinic?
> I've been giving it with a syringe.  He doesn't love it but he's been 
> handling the 3 meds twice daily really well.  He's my toughest cat to 
> medicate so I wasn't looking forward to it but he's really being quite 
> tolerant.
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