Has anyone had experience with hepatitis?  I do not  yet know which kind,
and don't know that they do..FNA determined it was hepatitis but I am third
party on this kitty (long story and was involved in her "rescue" but she was
adopted out by someone at my vet and now is very sick) so don't have much
info, I know they did a culture but are awaiting results.  She's having days
where she's looking better and also really bad days and my friend is
thinking of letting her go as she doesn't want to make her suffer through
endless treatment (and she is experienced with treating hepatic lipidosis
and such).

I've read about bacterial hepatitis and triaditis where they have
hepatitis/pancreaitis/IBD and don't know if she falls into one of these
categories.  I do know she is vommiting bile.

This is a dear kitty who is not very old.   She was dumped at my vet's
office door pregnant and tested a light FIV+.   They couldn't find a home
and were going to euthanize her so I took over her charges and boarded her
but also couldn't find a home despite the fact she then tested negative
including on the Western Blot test.   She was doing well in her home and
last seen at my vet about 6 months ago and now very sick, very jaundiced.
At first her renal numbers & glucose were also elevated but those have
normalized I believe and they do not feel she is diabetic.  It seems the
adopter got a new roommate with another cat and a dog and wasn't paying
attention to her...at all, it is very sad.   Skittles is a sweet, beautiful
dilute torti and probably only 3 or so years old.

If anyone has suggestions for questions to ask please let me know, and keep
her in your prayers.

Thank you!  I apologize for the patchiness of this message but I am
overwhelmed with cat issues/colonies and up late but definitely not of full
capacity here, and, not well informed on her case and BW.   I will try to
find out more specifics.   The tech who is charged with her care pretty much
saved  13 year old HL kitty with a multitude of problems who, along with his
sister, witnessed their young dad die of a heart attack and were home mostly
alone for weeks.   Both had a host of health problems and she nursed him
back to health, so, if she is considering Skittles might be too bad
off....it is very worrisome.

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