I've posted a lot about the weight my leuk pos has lost since I took him in.  
He's about 6 years old and has never shown any real symptoms other than red 
gums (which we've treated) and now the weight loss.  He was 13.6 pounds less 
than a year ago and is 10.4 lbs today.  He's not a petite cat and is looking 
really thin.  I have an appointment next week and my vet is going to make a 
list of all things that could cause weight loss and all things that could cause 
anemia so we can make sure that we've done everything we possibly can for him.

So far we have checked him for thyroid multiple times, even with a free T4.  We 
have done blood work numerous times and nothing odd there other than what you 
would expect to see with a leuk pos cat (same bloodwork that I see in all my 
cats).  Last time we did bloodwork, his HCT was 29%, low for him.  We checked 
him for hemobart and he was negative for Mycoplasma haemofilis previously 
called Hemobartonella felis large form and positive for Mycoplasma haemominutum 
previously called Haemobartonella felis small form.  We have him on pred, 
Pet-Tinic and doxy but he's still losing weight quickly.  He is due to go back 
Tuesday for a recheck.  He was on a high fat, high protein kitten food to try 
to help him gain weight.  That didn't work and he's now on EVO but has 
continued to lose.  We were planning to do a digestive panel but are concerned 
about taking the 4mls of blood that we need considering his HCT is lower than 
normal so we are waiting to see how it
 looks this week.

My vet feels confident that we have been very thorough and that this is just a 
manifestation of the leukemia.  She's willling to do any testing and is still 
researching anything else that could be going on.  Anybody have thoughts or 
suggestions other than what we are doing or do I just spend time with him, 
enjoy him, and stop putting him through all this testing during what could be 
my last few weeks with him?



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