absolutely, tad, and what's worse, is that it's still happening with
FIVs, even, with less rationale.

if so many vets weren't themselves ignorant of the research, and the
fact that for many YEARS, all the textbooks and associations have said
never to make a life-or-death decision on an asymptomatic cat without
a second test, we could go to the state vet assns and try to make a
case for willful ignorance. but it's the professionals who are often
the worse: just last month, in wichita, KS, a vet who tested a kitten
and got a positive result flipped out, ranting about how she would
have to close down her clinic for 48 hours to fumigate it; she and her
staff were running around wiping down everything in the room, even tho
the kitten hadn't been on those surfaces.

i don't know how to fight this level of professional ignorance, nor
how to expect shelters and rescues to know any better.

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